This years Bay Area House Dance Festival will focus primarily on inspiring dancers through many “cypher” rich activities being well orchestrated to quality “house music” and music from the roots of the “house music” genre. The methods in which will be delivered through various activities ranging from: Dance/Theory classes and workshops; traditional house dance club events; performances; competition; community acknowledgment and other uniquely themed social activities. All on-site workshops, events and competitions will be completely free for the community to par-take in and enjoy. Only the partnered events like the night club/performance dance activities may include a basic entry fee. Essentially this is a festival promoted to everyone that has the time and will to partake – removing monetary obligations wherever possible.

    While the purpose of this years festival will be to continue to cultivate, document and educate our wonderful dance communities; a secondary objective will be to help raise funds for the local 501c(3) non-profit organization – The All The Way Live Foundation. ATWL has been producing outreach projects in various third world countries since 2006 as well as local community activities including a weekly dance/leadership program in Hayward, California. ATWL’s projects focus on working with local at-risk youth to help build various social skills and help develop the next generation of community leaders through artistic activities; with the main activity being “dance”. Thanks to the efforts of HDF in 2016, thousands of dollars were raised to help in the project execution of ATWL visiting Nepal and Thailand in 2016. ATWL was able to impact upwards of over 6,000 children through performances, dance classes, donations, competitions and relationship building during this trip. We want to continue to help ATWL in producing their future projects here in the Bay Area as well as abroad for 2017/2018. For more info on ATWL please visit their site –

    In conclusion, your donations will not only help progressive projects like All The Way Live Foundation, but will help to produce future vital cultural preservation projects like the Bay Area House Dance Festival. Thank you for your time and consideration.